STAN Election Priorities

  1. Transparency of opinions and information, the online publication of contracts according to the "Public register of contracts" - the project of STAN’s MP Jan Farský.

  2. Construction of the “Radlická radiála” road, while minimizing the impact on residents living in the area. Paid parking zones throughout the area, construction of the multi-modal transportation transfer terminal at Smíchovské nádraží (with P + R parking capacity).

  3. Transformation of southern Smichov and other developing localities into lively neighborhoods with all of the required facilities and infrastructure. Protection of the interests of our city district within Prague’s Metropolitan Plan.

  4. Ensuring affordable rental flats as typical family housing. Direct city district investments to support such housing.

  5. Public elementary school for Smíchov according to the outcome of the international architectural competition.

  6. Construction of nursing home facilities in the Raudnitz House in Hlubočepy and in Poštovka in Motol.

  7. New nature parks in Vidoule, in Motol and at the end of the Barrandov block of flats.

  8. Zero tolerance for gambling and reinforcement of police patrols in problem areas.

  9. Support of traditional and alternative cultures, place to serve as a new cultural institution in a developing area. Reconstruction of the Portheim villa as a wedding hall and representation of the city district.

  10. Sufficient capacity in kindergartens and an advanced elderly care system as the foundation for the employment of women.