Instructions for EU citizens to vote in the upcoming municipal elections

Instructions for EU citizens to vote in the upcoming municipal elections


Registering to vote

The upcoming municipal elections take place on October 5-6, for both the magistrát (Prague city hall) and the radnice (your local Prague district's town hall). To vote, you must be an EU citizen and you must have your temporary or permanent residence in Prague... and you must apply to your local town hall so that you will be included in the electoral roll.

To register, fill in the form below. You need to fill it in Czech (and sign it!) and take it to the town hall (along with your residency permit and your ID or passport) of the Prague municipality where you are a resident (Prague 3, Prague 5, etc.). The department names may vary, but often it's referred to as "Odbor správních agend",  "Odbor organizační" or "Odbor občanskosprávních agend".

NOTE: The registration deadline is Wednesday, October 3rd at 16:00.

Elections times

Friday, 5 October:         14:00 - 22:00
Saturday, 6 October:     8:00 – 14:00

How to vote

Prior to the elections, Prague districts post the list of volební místnosti (polling places) on their websites, as well as a street list (and map) for each polling place. The street list is also available on the doors of the polling places during the election period.

You need to take your residence permit and your ID or passport with you to the polling place. Once in the polling station, you will receive an envelope and 2 ballots (1 for the Prague city hall and 1 for your local city district). The ballots are simply a sheet of paper, with the candidates of all parties listed.

After you make your selection, put the ballots in the envelopes, and put them in the ballot box. That's it – you've cast your vote! 

Registration form

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